Q/ What is an NIE number?

A/ (Del Numero de Identificacion de Extranjeros)This is the fiscal identity number and is essential to have for any financial dealings you may have in Spain, we can help you obtain this

Q/ What if I decide to buy?

A/ If you decide to purchase, you will be offered a number of solicitors to choose from.

We will help you open a bank account. We recommend using a bank that has Internet or phone banking, as standing orders will need to be set up for water, electricity, rates and community charges. Using the Internet makes it easy to keep track of your account from home.

You will be expected to visit a Notary during the buying process, you will always be taken to the Notaries by the solicitor or one of his/ her assistants.

The Notary function is to oversee all legal proceedings. You will always see a Notary when, exchanging contracts for the purchase of your property, to register wills or give power of attorney to your solicitor to allow him to purchase a property on your behalf.

Q/ Why do you encourage your searching service when we can always find a property ourselves?

A/ With a paid search we (and other agents we work with) know you are serious about buying. We will look very hard before your visit to provide you with exactly what you want to view. Therefore you need not drive from agent to agent keeping appointments as we will have done this for you. We would have discussed your needs in detail prior to your visit. Almost all clients search the web for many hours before they visit, but on the web there are only a limited selection of the properties available.This is because many Spanish agents work from offices without a website, resulting in some properties never reaching the web. We also work with local property finders across the Dorada area ensuring a wide scope of good value property can be viewed.

Q/ What will buying in Spain cost me?

A/ Typically you should allow 10% of the property cost to cover all the legal expenses, this will normally cover all solicitors fees, property VAT (currently 7% for new and resale properties) and the connection of services.

Q/ Why do you not work in Spain all year, why work between Spain and the UK?

A/ The reason for this is because 90% of clients simply waste time, many people have no idea what they want to buy, many people have no intention to buy even though they say they do. My business is to sell properties and not simply show properties and drive clients around the Spanish countryside so I have to return to the Uk to run the tile import business also.