About Us

Based in Tortosa in the province of Tarragona and also the Uk we can only view by appointment.as this allows myself and my colleagues to give you our undivided attention. On the site there are a wide selection of rustic properties but we are finding the choice of  available quality property becoming harder to find, we work with many Spanish property finders who can locate more properties that may suit your needs so it is wise to call and have a chat about what you hope to find.

We fully understand that it can be worrying buying a house in a different country but we can make the process simple and stress free. First of all every property on our site is described exactly as it is.We have no intention of adding frills to a property which does not warrant it. This is time wasting for both of us. On the other hand if you cannot see anything suitable, either ring or e-mail with a description of the property you are looking for and we will find it for you. I have been in your position in the UK and know what it is like trying to buy here in Spain. I know the worries only too well. Spain is such a large country so where in Spain is the best area to buy? I viewed many properties from Alicante in the south and along the east coast of Spain until I found exactly what I wanted. It took me about two years! The Costa Daurada is in my opinion the best place to purchase property at the moment. In the heat of the August sun, driving for miles through the countryside being shown property that I either could not afford or was not what I was looking for was not an enjoyable experience for me and not what we wants for you. With the search service I will also give you an exact map location of the property before viewing so you know precisely where you are going and what to expect.


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