Search service

Many clients visit Spain again and again in an attempt to find the property that suits them, this can be time consuming and frustrating when searching for your property. We cover a large area from Flix and down the Ebro river to Tortosa and the Terra Alta area to the mediterranean sea. We have a large range of properties advertised on this site but can also find many others once we know exactly what you hope to find. We work with various Spanish agents who are glad to work with us with a huge range of properties available and want to help you find the right property but we need to know you are serious about buying in the area before we spend so much time looking for positive viewings for you so we have to charge the returnable 500 euros. To use this service you also need to decide what you hope for as we will ask  various questions some of which you may not have thought about. Are views important? What do you want the land for? Do you want production? Is track access ok?  etc etc There are various things to discuss so when we have a good understanding of what you require we can then search and spend time looking for you. The cost of this service is 500 euros which is refundable on purchase. This payment gives us insurance that you are seriously interested in buying in this area. We spend time preparing viewings, take photos of properties of interest and video so you visit is planned and organised. If what you hope for not possible to buy or you are looking for a sea view livable villa for 50 000 euros for example then we would be unable to carry out a search as this would be an unrealistic property to find at this moment.